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View from the control console
 Behind every successful show, whether it be a circus or a Las Vegas spectacular, is a crew of talented individuals who make everything happen. The Hanneford Family Circus, at the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop, is a compact show with many of the performers doubling as stage hands when needed, or assisting other acts with their props and so on. Even so, however, there are always two or three other uncredited people on hand whose job it is to do the other tasks that need to be done. 
sound/light consoleA show needs music and lights and the Swap Shop has provided an extensive system that is continuously being updated and upgraded. I, your humble web master, Pete, have the pleasure of operating all the "toys" and creating any special music for the show via my trusty Korg M1 and computer, but I still get help with the serious technical stuff from the professional maintenance staff at the Swap Shop, headed up by Jerry Gollobi (with Mario and Andy), and other outside technicians, particularly Skeeter from Paine Electric (our resident electrician), and T.M. Sound and Lighting who combined keep our equipment running. T.M.'s lighting tech, Craig (that's him on the right during a craigprograming session), has spent many hours sitting at the computer creating our spectacular water and light show that opens the performance as well as most of the lighting for the show itself. Contrary to popular belief a computer does not program itself. Just because a light show is computer controlled doesn't mean that the operator just waves his hands over the ubiquitous machine chanting, "Let there be light", and a light show magically happens. It requires many hours and a great deal of skill and talent to get all those lights to dance. Our kudos and thanks to Craig. We also use some pyrotechnics during the light show for which we have to thank Andy from Specialfx. You can check their websites out via the links on the left.
console detailsIf you click on the picture thumbnail on the left you can get a more detailed account of our system - it's growing by the month.
Another person I should mention here is our extremely capable and multi talented stage man, Billy. He not only acts as main stage hand, cleans up, and takes care of the animals, he is also an acrobat and one time clown. Billy has worked in several circuses (including the Clyde Beatty Circus and the Big Apple Circus).
     As time goes on I shall be adding more to this section so please check back here for updated pictures and information on new equipment.