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     The Hanneford Family Circus is headed by George Hanneford Junior, son of the famous bareback rider, George Hanneford Sr., and his wife, Victoria. Together they operate, and produce, the show which is currently playing a record breaking ELEVEN YEAR run at the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop and is the ONLY show of its kind to be seen live on the internet (see SHOW PAGE for details).
     Both their children, Catherine Hanneford (the eldest) and George Hanneford III worked and starred in the show together until Catherine left to go with Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus in November 1998 (she will be returning in November 2000 for a while). Now George stars in the show as both announcer and elephant trainer.
     All the members of the family have been working and performing in the circus since they were old enough to walk. Though retired from performing, both George Jr. and Vicki have been very active in training their children and other young performers who join the circus. Vicki designs and makes many of the costumes used in the show, especially for the show girls and, of course, George and Cathy. George Jr. builds all the props used for the elephants and production numbers, plus other show related items. Both assist during the show when needed - helping with the elephants, running horses for bareback riders, sitting, or holding, web (a rope that is used for climbing) and making certain the show runs smoothly. 
     In this section of The Hanneford Family Circus web site, you can meet these four remarkable performers and learn about their careers. Use either the links listed under "miscellaneous" (on the left) or those in the text above to go to their separate pages.

     As a point of interest, we get many emails that are either for, or referring to, the other side of the family, George Jr.'s younger brother Tommy, who, with his wife, Struppi, runs the Royal Hanneford Circus. While their respective careers are documented on this website, they are not part of this particular show nor participate directly in its operation. Their shows travel around the United States (they often have several operating simultaneously under the same name) and is the one people often confuse us with. Unfortunately we can't foward emails to them as they don't have (at this time) an email address.